Vision and motto

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  • Our company aspire to be India’s most reputed company solely on basis of quality product, customer satisfaction, immediate response and agreed timely delivery .We (ZEALOT ENTERPRISE) here at our workplace produce a great product quality with an understanding of individual customer preferences at a minimum cost. Zealot Enterprise, from last 20 years has been successfully achieving a great success in Polyurethane casting industry all over the world. The concept of synthetic resin polymers metering, mixing, and dispensing is not so currently popular in India, so we also spread awareness to our local customers making their way of working simpler and smoother.
    We want our company to take such a high class technology to another level where we can supply a best quality of machineries all over the globe. In future Zealot Enterprise want to emerge and expand as a leading global manufacturer of the synthetic resin polymers metering, mixing and dispensing machinery hub for almost every material grades(i.e. not only synthetic resin polymers but also in all types of fluid) mixing, metering and dispensing solutions.