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  • Zealot Enterprise is a family owned company, which places great emphasis on trusting relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. Zealot Enterprise is built on a foundation pillar of accuracy, reliability, flexibility and user-friendliness. We are committed to manufacturing and supplying best product all over the globe.
    In 2013, Zealot Enterprise introduced fully polyurethane casting solutions. We provide fully automated system with variable ratio metering, mixing and dispensing which solves all your casting material handling needs making casting procedure easy, accurate and reliable. This variable ratio metering , mixing, and dispensing equipments are used for all types of synthetic resin polymers like nylon, polyurethane, polyester etc mainly in PU casting industry ,pharmaceutical industries, spraying paint and epoxies and many more, but as we are already taking pride as a reputed polyurethane casting company since last 20 years, Our main speciality and focus is on polyurethane cast solution.

  • We manufacture innovative machine technologies to proven cast synthetic resin polymer along with technical guidance and help for casting polyurethane material. Our technical and management team work with co-operation to satisfy the customers demand. We have the expertise to support our customers with high-quality products, one call product service and innovative solutions. Our technical team comprises of experienced engineer working with skilled employees and have depth knowledge in viscous fluid automation .We have quality control lab in house facility.