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  • Welcome to zealot enterprise

  • Your complete polyurethane casting solution

  • One or more component metering , mixing & dispensing

About Us

  • zealot enterprise was established in 1996. Zealot Enterprise is a family owned company, which places great emphasis on trusting relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. Zealot enterprise is built on a foundation of accuracy, reliability, flexibility and user-friendliness. We are committed to addressing the requirements of the global cast polyurethane industry.

    In 2013, Zealot Enterprise introduced fully polyurethane casting solutions. We provide fully automated system with variable ratio metering, mixing and dispensing which solves all your casting material handling needs making casting industries hence having a wide experience and knowledge.

Our Product Features

Service & Quality Control

We understand that production downtime means money lost and missed deadlines. Hence we have on-site service facility .Technicians have fully experience will be sent to solve your problem. They are highly trained and ready to travel on short notice throughout the world.
It is our purpose to offer you perfect and fair solutions. Therefore we set very high quality standards to our products and process.

Accurate & Precise

Everyone in this fast growing modern world need quick and good quality .Using updated technology, technique and following basic engineering principles and laws have helped us to create best quality product which can give a reliable, accurate and precise result. This accurate output results in elimination of dimension defect hence giving rise to productivity.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

All of our products are fabricated in such a way that anyone and at any where can easily install with comfort and ease. Keeping safety also criteria for smooth installation, arrangement of the electric panel and mechanical component in our machine are in such a way that one is always feel safe while starting, stopping or while working.

Compact In Size

In modern days, expansion of industry is very costly matter hence keeping that point in mind we have constructed our machinery compact as much as possible. Our product doesn’t require a bigger area for its placement. Any organization even if being small scale or medium scale can install our product in their premises.

User Friendly

When visualizing present scenario, it is observed that skilled person are tough to hire at moderate salaries .Keeping this in mind, the software on which our machine works is developed by experienced engineer in such a way that even a less skilled person can easily operate the machinery without a technical assistance.

Zero Effect Zero Defect

The assembly body of our machinery is made in a way that is can resist all condition whether chemical or thermal or environmental. It can absorb all vibration under working condition which arises due to dynamicity of integral components like motor, gears etc.

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